Wednesday, June 6, 2018

libinput is now on

Thanks to Daniel Stone's efforts, libinput is now on gitlab. For a longer explanation on the move from the old freedesktop infrastructure (cgit, bugzilla, etc.) to the gitlab instance hosted by, see this email.

All open bugs have been migrated from bugzilla to gitlab too, the documentation has been updated acccordingly, and we're ready to go. The new base URL for libinput in gitlab is:

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Hi-Angel said...

I dunno if it's better for admins, but as a user I am terribly disappointed. I was disappointed even before I tried gitlab: its log doesn't allow to go to a particular range, but instead loads as you scroll. So, to look at commits for, I dunno, 2 years ago, you have to scroll *really* long.

Right now I'm trying to send a patch to libinput, so I registered to gitlab, forked libinput, did "git push", and… it doesn't work! It requires to generate private/public key! This is absolutely unsafe, because I have to keep private key on my laptop, which can very well get stolen. More over, now I have to spend a bunch of time to generate, add to the profile, and use with git push these keys, in order to make my account even less secure than it was with password. Great.