Wednesday, April 30, 2014

T440 touchpads, the story continues

I've just updated the post about X.Org synaptics support for the Lenovo T440, T540, X240, Helix, Yoga, X1 Carbon. For those following my blog, here is a rough diff of the updates:

  • All touchpads in this series need a kernel quirk to fix the min/max ranges. It's like a happy meal toy, make sure you collect them all.
  • A new kernel evdev input prop INPUT_PROP_TOPBUTTONPAD is available in 3.15. It marks the devices that require top software buttons. It will be backported to stable.
  • A new option was added HasSecondarySoftButtons was added to the synaptics driver. It is automatically set if INPUT_PROP_TOPBUTTONPAD is set and if set, the driver parses the SecondarySoftButtonAreas option and honours the values in it.
  • If you have the kernel min/max fixes and the new property, don't bother with DMI matching. Provide a xorg.conf.d snippet that unconditionally merges the SecondarySoftButtonAreas and rely on the driver for parsing it when appropriate