Friday, September 3, 2010

XTS census

Tiago's X 1.9 Census includes the commits to the X Test Suite for the 1.9 window. IMO, this isn't particularly expressive since XTS follows its own cycle and the server merge windows have no meaning to it.

The short history of XTS is:
The X Test Suite was written back in the day of yonder (possibly more than two yonks ago) and it is designed to perform a number of protocol tests to verify whether the server has changed behaviour. This includes simple things like creating a window and making sure the MapNotify is sent through to more complex interactions with modifiers and grabs.

XTS was still in CVS until 2009 when I wanted to figure out how much I really broke with MPX. So I imported it into git and started autotooling it. XTS is a bit of a beast and at some point I gave up and asked Dan Nicholson for help; his autotooling skills exceed mine by some unmeasurable amount. A few months later and some 80-something commits later Dan came back with a fully autotooled XTS. So building XTS went from requiring a wiki page to git clone,, make.

From then on, we continued working on making it more sane and easier to run, along with misc code cleanups (DECNET support? Really?) and one of my favourite issues: that after 4 hours of runtime one realised that every test had failed because DISPLAY wasn't set. Anyway, I digress.
We found a couple of issues in the X server as well, with 1.7.7, 1.8.1 and 1.9.0 being the first three releases that pass the test suite without crashing.

XTS is still a bit from being really useful, at the moment many of the test results are write-only (though a few test errors have fed back into the server or even libxcb). Anyway, here are the raw numbers from gitdm (that 1 employer is Unknown because I couldn't be bothered setting up a gitdm.config file).

Note: 1024 of my changesets are a semi-automatic rename of files and that skews the statistic.

Processed 1275 csets from 5 developers
1 employers found
A total of 33380 lines added, 30758 removed (delta 2622)

Developers with the most changesets
Peter Hutterer 1061 (83.2%)
Dan Nicholson 192 (15.1%)
Aaron Plattner 12 (0.9%)
Jon TURNEY 4 (0.3%)
Tinderbox user 4 (0.3%)

Developers with the most changed lines
Dan Nicholson 20545 (50.0%)
Peter Hutterer 10296 (25.0%)
Aaron Plattner 3854 (9.4%)
Tinderbox user 655 (1.6%)
Jon TURNEY 30 (0.1%)

Developers with the most lines removed
Aaron Plattner 2000 (6.5%)

Developers with the most signoffs (total 5)
Dan Nicholson 3 (60.0%)
Peter Hutterer 2 (40.0%)

Developers with the most reviews (total 10)
Dan Nicholson 7 (70.0%)
Peter Hutterer 3 (30.0%)

Developers with the most test credits (total 1)
Pat Kane 1 (100.0%)

Developers who gave the most tested-by credits (total 1)
Dan Nicholson 1 (100.0%)

The point of this blog post? Give credit to Dan for his magnificent work on XTS because he's been carrying the load for quite a while. And of course, many thanks to Aaron, Jon and Pat for their contributions.

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Dan Nicholson said...

That wasn't necessary, but thanks Peter. :)