Friday, August 6, 2010

First draft of multitouch protocol spec published

In case you're not subscribed to xorg-devel, I've sent off the first draft for the multitouch X protocol specification (as part of the X Input Extension 2.1) today. If you have interest in multitouch, please read through it and see if you can poke holes into the current approach.

Note that this is very low-level stuff. The data described by the protocol is what's sent on the wire to the client. Most applications are separated from this data by toolkits (GTK, Qt, etc.) and only few people are unlucky enough to have to care about the protocol itself.


Anonymous said...

Please blog about how this compares to multi-touch in other operating systems and existing smartphone platforms.

Peter Hutterer said...

IMO, this is too low-level and too early to really compare against other platforms. The interesting bits will be how the toolkits expose this.

Unknown said...

Will it have any impact on input redirection?

How is IR current state?