Monday, June 30, 2008

switching to blogger

I guess after leaving the university it makes sense to not use the university's servers anymore for blogging.

So consider this blog here to be the continuation of


Carlos Martins said...

Just to drop a line to welcome you to your new blog, and I'll keep following your multi input stuff (and whatever other interesting projects you may come up with :)

Unknown said...

Good luck on this blog... I wonder if there is a way to archive all of your posts from wearables to here? That would certainly help in the future.

Peter Hutterer said...

no idea to be honest. the old one was drupal, so if you know a way to extract the posts and import them here, please tell me.

xhhuango said...

Hi Peter,

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I got an error and then stoped. The error message was
"Checking for GL... configure: error: Package requirements (glproto >= 1.4.9 gl>= 7.1.0) were not met: No package 'gl' found"
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