Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bugzilla in Firefox

Something interesting I found last week: you can add the freedesktop.org bugzilla to the firefox search engines.

You may laugh now that I didn't know that already.

Anyway, since I know at least two more persons who didn't know that either there's bound to be others out there that don't know either:
  • Go to http://bugs.freedesktop.org
  • Click on the google logo in the searchbar
  • Select "Add FreeDesktop Bugzilla"
  • Go to Manage Search Engines
  • Enter a keyword (e.g. "fdo") for the new engine.
Voila, now you can just type "fdo 20500" in the address bar and it'll take you straight to the bug number. Alternatively, you can type in a searchword too.

Same works for a number of bugzilla instances. Useful.

1 comment:

riotingpacifist said...

Isn't the easiest way to do that by rightclicking in the searchbox and clicking (add keyword)

p.s once you realise how awesome keywords are you can drop the search box all together.